How To Tie A Tie

There are about 12,314 – 12,315 articles on the Internet about how to tie a tie. Instead of re-hashing them in this article, I am going to quickly give you the framework for tying a tie using the 3 most common methods, as well as how to tie a bowtie.

Then, at the end, I am going to show you the mentality and techniques so that you can use them to wear ties to your attractive advantage.

men's tie

In all honesty, I only know intuitively by heart the four-in-hand knot and the half-windsor knot. That's really all you need. For those of you that are deciding which method to learn, here are the general pros and cons of each method:

Necktie Knot Advantage Disadvantage Why Wear It?
Four-in-hand Knot Easy to learn, most commonly taught by dads to their sons. It is also the knots that is used by most men that wear ties Because of the additional curves the knot may look too big on collars too wide or far apart. Otherwise, looks solid on most dress shirts It is a small tie knot that suits shirts with a narrow collar opening and it is suitable for almost any occasion
Half-Windsor Knot A quicker version of the windsor knot, missing one round of wraps. It is great for larger ties that are thicker and may bundle up if otherwise tied It is a little bit more difficult to tie than the four-in-hand knot but easier than the Windsor knot (one less wrap-around) It is suitable for most occasions and looks cool. Great for skinny ties and regular ties
Windsor Knot It is very symmetric and when done right, looks elegant and bigger than the other knots If you use a tie made of thick materials, the resulting knot will be too large and even hard to tie It suits shirts with a wide collar opening and is usually worn on very formal occasions. Looks old school but very traditional
Bow Tie It looks more formal and very unique when done right Bowties are harder to tie and with a shorter length to work with. Sometimes, bowties look annoying if not matched correctly with the outfit of personality of the user Making a statement, very formal events, to stand out stylishly

There are a lot of BS videos and ad-filled videos on YouTube. I've went through all of them and found the least annoying and more informative ones for each of the ties for you. Remember that the best way to learn to tie a tie is from someone else face to face.

They can show you what the calibrations you need to make based on your hand-eye coordination and your unique body measurements. Take this as an opportunity to ask a girl for help as well. A surprisingly high number of girls know how to help a guy tie a tie from the position of just standing in front of him.

The Four-in-hand Knot:

The Half Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot

The Bowtie

Attraction Fashion Tips on Ties

1. Skinny ties look amazing on half Windsor and Windsor knots. They look lean, slick (think Justin Timberlake) and offer a youthful alternative to the old suits big and bulky ties. When using skinny ties, pick dark colors. Black fits on almost any colored shirt. Along with a well fitted suit jacket, the attraction spike for skinny tied and matched outfits are amazing.

2. Ties are not just for men. Women can rock them. Use it for role playing. Oftentimes girls will pull your tie and play with you if you an exude that type of fun and playful vibe.

    tie windsor knot

3. Bowties are used for peacocking. Either rock the shit out of it, or risk looking like a total loser. Don't go half way with bowties. Think Mr. Big in Sex and The City, not Pee Wee Herman

4. Ties and Bowties offer that feminine-masculine contrast trigger that we discuss in the Ebook and girls can rock the hell out of it if done right

black tie affair girl bowtie

5. Remember your color wheel from the ebook when matching ties with suits and shirts. Purple ties are amazing colors when matched correctly with its design and the rest of the outfit

purple tie on black vest


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