How To Sarge Without Wingman

Context: Funny conversation on the forums about wingman and how to go out with them properly to learn game:

Wakeboarder: Man, none of my buds want to go to the club.

Gamer: Screw them then.

Mystery: Go alone.

Wakeboarder: I need to be made fun of for this comment but I feel like a weiner if I go to a club myself

Lego: Bro, your trippin’. I go solo many times. It’s good actually. It’s weird if it’s a first night but if I’ve been there before it’s cool.

Mystery: Yeah, I understand … and yet, staying home alone will make you feel so much better?  Go out alone, meet some cool dudes when you get there (they will become your wingmen there) and then run around getting #’s.  Report to your fellow PUAs what happened. Whatever happened to the concept, “The alphamale gets all the women?”  Shit dude, what are
you, a mommas boy?  Do you need your hand held?

Lego: How do you strike up conversations with guys?

Mystery: Walk up and say, “Hey dude, question for ya.  Do you knowwhere a good place to score is in this city? ‘Cause this place looks like a cock farm.”

Lego: Good!  You should be able to relate to guys to disarm them.  You don’t compete; you ELIMINATE COMPETETION.

Gamer: LOL.  Dude, the only results I’ve had were solo.  My friends psych me out too much because they never help.  Instead they just complain about my taking too much time.  They laugh at me or just generally piss me off.

Mystery: I have MUCH better results (and MUCH more fun) playing “The Game” alone.  It forces you to approach.  It’s a great motivator.

Lego: Damn! I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Gamer: Yep.

Mystery: You wont be alone for more than five minutes once you approach your first set anyways.  Gamer, I suggest you call them on their shit at some point.  Demonstrate your alphamale characteristics.

By Mystery