How to Let the HB leave Her friends

author:          “Mystery”
date:             Tue 24 Jan 2003 03:07 GMT
website: forums
subject:       How to Let the HB leave Her friends  …Not specifically relevant to the strategy described above, but still relevant to the general situation. If you’re already alone with her …

Context: Mystery comes up with a sneaky way to talk to the HB target. Much like a teacher in a classroom, he casually asks, “may I talk to you for a minute?”

I see a hottie talking to all of her friends and I want to meet her.

(The following description is useless in this context, but it was so much fun, I just had to leave it in;)).

She is wearing a beautiful knee high skirt or dress, her lips are ever so caringly outlined with just the right amount of lip stick to accentuate her slightly pouty lips. An angels face with a bed devils grin. Nice round firm breast, tight and shapely ass, legs that scream to be spread like butter with your hot knife of pleasure.

Now, I bet half the guys on the list are going WHAT WOULD YOU DO?, She is with friends, you don’t know her and she is that hot!?!?.

I would just walk up to her and talk to her. These are the kind of women that want attention. I casually, but politely walk up to her, usually from behind (I like to wisper in her ear), lightly touch her arm and say may I talk to you for a minute?

This is SO devious! It is the ultimate BREAK STATE, yet it is so nonintrusive that she WANTS to come talk to you. Her imagination will race and she will have no idea what you want to say to her. Even if she doesn’t come over there (I give them about 2 minutes, make sure you either have a friend with you or friends near you so you can walk off easily) she will see you later and just HAVE to say something to you.

This tactic works INCREDIBLY at bars, parties, clubs, parks, marriages, seminars, church, gyms (you can go workout and not look like you are waiting), work, EVERYWHERE!

If she says But I can’t leave my friends

Not specifically relevant to the strategy described above, but still relevant to the general situation. If you’re already alone with her in a public setting that she arrived at with her friends and now when you’re ready to move to another venue (Where are we going? – Club Myplace, you’re gonna love it she comes up with the But what about my friends? line, then here’s a suggestion by Johnny Shack:

In a situation like that, you will have to keep the momentum going and cannot afford to break it because once you do you might find it very hard to get things rolling again. In response to the What will happen to my friends say somehting in the lines of Don’t worry about them. We haven’t seen them for ages, so looks like they’re not exactly worrying about you either. Besides, at this time of the night its every man for himself anyway Come on, let’s go Now grab her hand again, lead her outside and jump into a taxi