How to Identify a Real MPUA

Guest post by Darryl from PUA Artist (James Matador’s site)

You may have heard the phrase being used here and there but still are a bit perplexed as to what a Pick-Up Artist really is. On TV, they’re portrayed as smooth talking studs who can woo the pants off of any girl they set their sights on. While exaggerated slightly, these portrayals aren’t too far off from the truth. Save for the myth of a constant success rate and the need to look like a super model, the Pick-Up Artist is a social master whose words can be a level of smooth that most men yearn to be able to accomplish. While being a Pick-Up Artist may seem like an easy task that simply requires being able to say all the right things, it can really come off as a second job – something that requires training and patience to master.

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An accomplished Pick-Up Artist doesn’t just rush into the game lest they wish to fall flat on their face. Learning how to learn is important. Take things in baby steps. A model of learning used from neuro-linguistic programming is unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, unconscious incompetence. To achieve the perfect game, you need to have the ability to introduce structure into your life. When interacting with your target girl, you shouldn’t go into the scenario without any foresight of what conversations you’re going to bring up. Prior to even attempting to travel the playing field, you need to put together a routine that will wind up getting you through the night. Within your routine, be sure to utilize DHV’s (Demonstration of Higher Value) to increase your attractiveness and social status.

Much like a football team, your routine will be your playbook of topics of discussions and questions that you know will keep your target intrigued. You should know your routine like the back of your hand, which will enable you to bounce between topics in a matter that doesn’t seem predetermined. Stacking you routine onto other routines and keeping multiple threads open helps gain rapport and doesn’t let the conversation die. The interaction with your gal of choice must be natural and can’t come off as a scripted event. One of the biggest keys to a flowing conversation is to have confidence in what you’re saying. Don’t tack on something to your routine that you’re not comfortable talking about but at the same time don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone.

Though you may have a structured routine, to be a true Pick-Up Artist you must be able to read your audiences reaction. Though you may have lined up topics in your head one specific way, the reaction the girl has could force you to call an audible. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your plan, but you must remember to remain confident in your communication skills. They say women are impossible to read, but a good Pick-Up Artist should be able to master the body language of the opposite sex. To accomplish this mastery, it’s not unheard of for an artist-in-training to turn to a female friend. Test your routine on them to determine your weak spots and adjust accordingly

There is the saying attraction is not a choice. However, you don’t want to look like a hobo. Dressing well and being hygienic will add only advantages to becoming an mPUA. Pickup artists have been known for dressing differently than others hence the term peacock theory. Having one interesting item at least will give women a reason to talk to you and help you stand out from the rest of the guys that have approached her throughout the night. Having a story behind your interesting item to add value gives you more time and another conversational thread to work with. Keep good body posture and be well dressed.

Body language was the original communication in humans. The total impact of a message is about 7 percent verbal (words only), 38 percent vocal (tone of voice, inflection, and other sounds), 55 percent non-verbal. It’s how you said it when you said it not what you actually said. The key to reading body language is being able to understand a persons emotional condition while listening to what they are saying and noting the circumstances under which they are saying it. Women are more perceptive then men. Read gestures in clusters. A body language cluster, just like a verbal sentence, needs at least 3 words in it before you can accurately define each of the words. Look for congruence. Non-verbal signals carry 5 times as much impact as the non-verbal channel. When a person’s body language and words are in conflict, women ignore what is said. Read gestures in context. All gestures should be considered in the context in which they occur. It can be easy to misread body language which is why finding 3 gestures in context is important to read the signals correctly.

Being a Pick-Up Artist doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get laid every night. Like anything else, there is always the chance that you will simply just strike out, but you can’t let it shake your core. Getting out of the house is key and as experience comes, success will follow. You will need to go back out the next night and remain confident in your scoring abilities. You may not win every night, but if you stick to your guns, you’ll have plenty of notches on the bed post.

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