How to get good: foundational PUA material

Since we have launched PUA Lingo, many newbies as well as artists have been asking us if we offer seminars or additional material. Currently, Casual and my goals rest solely in collecting more information for the artists from a seduction perspective.In our opinions, we have only begun to dive into the world of PUA lingo. We have yet to significantly cover natural game, relationship management, sex and international PU terminology. In our minds, there can be eventually thousands of definitions that PUAs can use and benefit from worldwide.With that said, my journey as an artist is by far smooth and easy. Becoming an artist of any type requires skill, persistence, and an ongoing dialogue with yourself and the world (and God, in my humble opinion) of who you really are as a person. For it is not easy to become who you really want to be, and live as if life is worth living. In my journey, I’ve had to study various sources of information. Some of it made sense, some of it did not. I do believe that there were a few key foundational pieces that really allowed me to “breakthrough” at certain points in my game. This meant going back to the material over and over again until it was internalized. For example, in reading the Mystery Method Venusian Arts Handbook for the first time, I was awed and how detailed the seduction analysis was, and it blew my mind that this sort of thing was possible.

Thus, the following are the books and DVDs that have helped me significantly in my game. Here goes:

1. The Game. The gateway to how many men (and women) find out about the community. Has a PUA glossary (which we referenced for this site), and a great detail of a man’s journey to become a mPUA. It is not a detailed manual on any particular skill or style, but rather, a story about Neil’s journey within the community and its key players.

2. The Mystery Method: Venusian Arts Handbook. In my mind, the ground breaking first release of Mystery’s 10 year journey and his meticulous efforts at breaking down the seduction process. His M3 model still remains the primary structure of the full process of pickup and no other guru has be able to break it down more systematically than Mystery.

3.  Mystery Method DVDs: after a year, as I was viewing Matador, Mystery and LoveDrop I was able to better understand MM from their video demonstrations of body language, voice tonality, and the deeper philosophical meanings of what it means to be an artist. Structured as MM may be, its applications are solid and clear, in and beyond pickup.

4. The Blueprint: Decoded. Tyler Durden’s seminar and 4 years in the making, the Blueprint blew my mind away 2 years into the game. It is a very detailed breakdown of how to perceive game, and life, and how to construct and re-evaluate one’s inner mind and inner game. A great product to review for non PUA self development folks as well, it is a great foundation to which specific skills and methods can be applied. I highly reccomend getting the DVDs for this, as the full extent of Tyler’s message is not fully captured by just the e-book.

5. The LayGuide. A great read by a mysterious Tony Clink, who details many of the community’s original terms and methods. His style and approach is slick, and his tone experienced. There’s a sense of respect and the sense that he’s been around for a while in his writing.

6. The Natural Art of Seduction. PUA Training CEO Richard La Ruina details his journey and specific skill sets in his book, a best-seller in the UK. I found this book an entertaining read about how a nerdy kid became one of the greatest pickup artists and entrepreneur (PUA Training’s growth has been nothing short of amazing). The methods described in his book are at times basic, but very good for natural game. For example, the Mr. Social, Mr. Comfort and Mr. Seducer persona’s of the natural PUA in the process of seductions (this happens to fit perfectly into the MM model sequence).

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