How to get a woman to kiss you

Guest Post by Seduce In Seconds

All men want the woman to make the first move so after copious amounts of testing on over 239 women in a variety of different contexts and countries, our team at Seduce In Seconds has cracked the art of how to get a girl to kiss you.In this article you will learn how to get a girl to kiss you through using teasing, rewarding and playfulness. Once tested this has proven to work 80% of the time and within 15 minutes she will be trying to kiss you.

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Student Peter, with Sophie – A Girl He Picked Up at Establishment bar in Sydney on one of our recent workshops.

The Issue

Women do not like to be the ones that make the first move. It makes them feel cheap, easy and worst of all it detracts from you being the Alpha male who takes proud responsibility for all initiations. It helps them see you as “the man”.

Additionally this is based on the art of push/pull. Push them away too much and you will seem way too indifferent, disinterested and even arrogant. Pull them in too much and you will be perceived by women as being suffocating and needy.

How to do it

Step 1:

Playfully tease them / push them away. It is automatically assumed that you, as the man, want to get physical more than she does. This is wrong. Women go about it differently. Now you need to change the tone and through teasing them playfully, you’re showing you’re confident enough to take risks that the doormat ‘nice guy’ doesn’t. He would never risk putting her off-side, you need to because you’re learning to change the social dynamic so she is the one pursuing you.

Step 2:

Frame her as being the one who wants you. You do this via step 1, teasing. Tease the woman by picking up on actions or things she says that are normal parts of life but you playfully tease her that she’s doing them to seduce you. E.g.

Emily: “Looks like we’re out of drinks, do you want to get another?”

You: “I don’t know. I’m out here with a strange girl who’s trying to get me get me drunk. I know you’re plan and I don’t want to end up in a bath-tub with my kidneys missing and on ebay by the morning”

Emily: “No I’m not that evil anymore”

You: “Of course, the hunter has evolved. I’m sure it’s just my innocence which entices you.”

Congratulations, you’ve now begun painting her as the initiator and pursuer.

Step 3:

Pull her in. Reward her for complying with your wishes (painting her as the hunter). Anything she now does that you can compliment her about that is in-line with the behavior you wish for her to exhibit more. Unfortunately it is as simple as dog training when it comes to controlling the behavior of both men and women. E.g.

You: “Yep another drink is a good suggestion, it’s about time you took charge of this night out”

Emily: “What do you mean, I was always in charge of this night out”

This is perfect, she’s now accepted the role you’ve created for her as the “fake leader”. But what you’re going to do next will provide her with a perplexing predicament.

Step 4: Now is when you needs to start to escalate the situation sexually. Now that she has donned the role of the leader she still wants to be a lady and not come across as cheap yet she is the ‘leader’ now so socially the onus is more on her to say what happens when.

Now this may seem like an unnecessary release of power but in fact, you were always the one with the power, she just thinks she has it. Inside our online course we talk more about how to sexually escalate a situation using a repetition of the teasing and rewarding process as well as physical escalation.


You need to make sure you were touching her from the outset. Touch early and touch often. It sets you up as a “touchy” guy who is comfortable gesturing and using his body to support his verbal cues. This is not a bad thing because all you need is for her to be ok with small touches e.g. on the side of the arm, side of the thigh or even sitting in close proximity to her. You then build these up in accordance with your verbal cues (teasing / rewarding / framing).

In short, it’s like a ladder. You’re consistently climbing higher one step at a time and this is essential to knowing how to get a girl to kiss you.Your 15 minutes to her jumping you starts once all 4 of these steps have been finished the first time.

In the next 15 minutes you will have the chance to repeat this process up to 30 times. Luckily you will only need to do it 4 times for it work 80% of the time.

She will start to lean in more towards you and reciprocate the touching. Eventually her face, body and lips will make their way closer to you for the kiss. All you need to do now is sit back and wait until she kisses you or wait until she gives you such obvious hints and gets close enough that you would look like a moron for not recognizing the signs and she gets disinterested.

This is just a basic run down of one of our more advanced processes of how to get a girl to kiss you that are still simple enough for you to use anywhere, anytime on any woman. Best of all we back all our processes with our 100% money back guarantee at where you can find many hidden camera videos showing you how to do this for real.



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