• How To Fall Out Of Love Book Review

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

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    This book saved my life. They say that time heals all things, which is a true mantra. However, in-between that time, man’s mind can create all sorts of negative thought patterns and ruminations. This puts a lot of stress and undue worry in his life.

    You may feel like you’re suffering. You replay images of your intimate times together with your Ex. Even among friends and when with other women, you still think about her and these thoughts create a cycle of negative feelings and energy in your own body. You feel helpless to stop it.

    Dr. Deborah Phillips has been treating patients who are suffering from loss of love for decades, and in her original book published over 20 years ago, she had a 100 out of 100 patient success rate. The book starts off explaining the experiments in clinical psychology that results in the methods in the book. Unlike other pick up books she is straight ot the point and goes directly into technique. It is very practical from that standpoint.

    “Most people who love someone but are not loved in return find it’s very, very hard to stop loving that person. But it is possible. This isn’t something you are going to do all at once. You can’t just snap your fingers and expect “him” or “her” to go away. But you can take the first step. You can think about “him” or “her” less. The way you can stop thinking about that person all the time is to unlearn some of the things you think and feel about that person.”

    She goes on to explain in great detail and with examples the clinically proven techniques of  Thought Stopping, Silent Ridicule, and Positive Image Building and Congratulations. She also talks about dealing with the strong emotions of Jealousy, and ends with an explanation of how you can find love again, this time with more depth and wisdom.

    Some people who read the book title will think “but I don’t want to fall out of love with my Ex just yet! Maybe we can get back together”. It is important to remember that you CAN. Those feelings of love can be re-attached. But if you want to remove the current pain, the process can be followed and pain is relieved. The techniques described in this book can be reversed. The important thing to seek is indifference. Only then can you truly view the Ex as a friend, and not a lover. The techniques in the book allow you to re-anchor and control your primal thoughts to your own benefit in today’s society.

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