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    By on December 13, 2014

    What every single straight guy ought to know about…

    How To Dress To Attract Hot Girls

    Some plain talk about simple male to female attraction
    that often sounds complicated or over-hyped


    A little while ago I was talking to a prospective student who wanted to get better with women. He said that he didn’t want to work on his style, because he was “focusing on his game”. I asked him about his dating life and he told me that he was lonely and hundreds girls have rejected him, but because of what he read online about pick-up, that eventually, he would succeed.

    Since I am a lifestyle coach and former model, you can imagine that was somewhat of a shock… and it made me think.

    The seduction community does focus a lot on “game”, and because of the over-marketed and over-hyped dating product marketplace, prospective students now believe that in order to learn game, they have to go through thousands of approaches, rejections, and finally arrive at the light near the end of a multi-year long tunnel.

    I am partially responsible for this mess in our community, as someone who stood idly by in 2008 as the market exploded, and profited as I ran PUA Lingo and other seduction-related websites. But now, someone needs to blow the lid open, and help out the guys who are actively trying to get hot girls, like we were a decade ago.

    “Why Style?” you might ask. Well, here’s “what”.

    If guys continue to learn game the old way, a lot of them will continue to suffer. The industry drop-out rate is at 90% in 2014. When we have such a high failure rate and students give up, the whole community loses out.

    Or look at it from the girl’s point of view. The more weird-looking guys approach hot girls in your city, the more they will think men, or guys who learn pick up, are “creepy”. This gives the community and men in general a bad name.

    Or look at it from a personal point of view. A lot of guys waste money, time and emotional stress on this, when the truth is… they could be getting results in less than a week with proper instructions. In addition to getting hot girls, dressing well improves your self-esteem, how other men perceive you, and is also related to higher salaries at jobs. (Hence the fable: dress like the job you want)

    For all these reasons, it is important that people should know as much as they can about Style Attraction: the art of dressing to attract the hottest girls.

    But where do you start?

    Well, it seems like a good place to start would be with the student’s idea that style is not important. Most guys have no idea about the hidden power of style. So I hope that these answers will show you a new, easier path to get the true 9 or 10 girl of your dreams.

    Sincerely, Lifestyle and Image Coach
    Vince Lin



    What Is Style And Why Is It Important?

    At its core, style is the external physical representation of your inner self. When a girl says a guy “looks stylish” what she usually means that he is great at expressing his personality traits visually. Thus, a gay guy or a girl can be considered “stylish”. When a man conveys style that hits any of the 8 core Style Attraction traits, he suddenly commands instant, first-glance power to attract any woman that sees him (assuming she likes men).


    Why Should I Care About Style?

    I’m not into clothes. I just wear what’s comfortable.

    That’s probably what some guys are thinking.

    I feel sorry for that guy, because he is missing out on one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways, to have women throwing themselves at him, before he says a single word.  See, when you’ve got your look together, interacting with women is so much easier.

    Hell, you’ll be attracting smart, funny, beautiful women so often your friends will wonder if you’ve figured out some kind of magic spell.  You’ve heard the phrase, first impressions matter, right?  Well, with women this doesn’t even begin to cover it. See, a woman will size up a guy in just a few seconds. By the time he opens his mouth, she already knows whether or not she wants to ignore him, or give him her number…or even take him into the closest bathroom stall for some fun.  If you look good, you just have to shut up, and let her do the talking. And you’re almost guaranteed to walk away with a positive result, with no risk of rejection.

    On the other hand, if you’re not instantly appealing to her, it’s an uphill battle to get her to even acknowledge your existence.

    When we asked girls after photoshoots about the truth of a guy who is styled specifically for attraction, here’s some of the video footage:

    Here’s the good news. Once you know the secrets I’m about to reveal, transforming from average guy to chick magnet, is fast and easy. In fact, most of my students do it in a couple hours.  Look, I don’t care if you’re dead broke, living with your parents, and haven’t been with a girl for so long, you’ve forgotten what it feels like. You can still have girls tripping over themselves to flirt with you, as soon as long you follow the rules of Style Attraction.

    suit with bikini models

    A man who understands”Attraction Fashion” has a much easier time flirting with women, getting respect from men, and lead better lives in general


    Wait… What About Men’s Magazines Like GQ, Esquire and Askmen.com?

    Magazines and news are made to sell copies and sensationalize otherwise boring news. Thus, by nature they have to make up “tips” and “tricks” that contradict each other or spell out recycled ideas. Furthermore, they gravitate between looking “stylish” and “gentleman classy’, as opposed to a pure laser focus on dressing for sex and female attraction.

    There are some useful tips in GQ and men’s magazines (plus, they have great editorial pictures of famous guys or cute girls), but it never comes together as a whole system to order to maximize fashion in order to attract really hot girls. Instead, they tell you buy expensive watches and clothes, brands that advertise in their magazine.


    So… How Do I Dress To Attract Hot Girls?

    There are several milestones that you need to hit from start to becoming “sexy guy girls want to F***” that can’t be covered in this one post. However, first, you have to correct these most common mistakes that’s killing your game:

    [8 most common style mistakes that’s killing your chances with 9s and 10s]

    What is a Style Attraction Switch (SAS for short)?

    A Style Attraction Switch (SAS) is a visual trigger that conveys pre-programmed biological interest in man’s core traits that will assist a woman in her DNA’s survival and replication mechanism. In other words, a guy who masters Style Attraction is conveying to women that he has strong biological value for her and her offspring. This triggers a spike of dopamine (pleasure reward) and serotonin (sexual desire) in her brain.

    For example, one of the SAS triggers is “dominance”. Most people misunderstand dominance as authoritative or overbearing. Rather, dominance is an attractive switch that conveys a story about a man on his path, who understands his own boundaries and shows respect for the challenges ahead of him. To convey “dominance”, a guy can dress fitted, classy, stylish clothes, and have a type of hair cut that is sharp and organized. His body language and eye contact is in tune with his clothes, and his overall image is that of a well-groomed man.

    Have you ever found yourself deeply in awe as an exceptionally beautiful, tight-dressed girl walks into a room? When a guy masters at least 3 out of 8 Style Attraction Switches, he creates the same male-version effect with women in the room.


    Will She Want To Sleep With Me Now?

    Unlike men, most women will not sleep with a guy right away based on his looks alone. However, Attraction Fashion is also about conveyance and non-verbal communication. It makes her very interested in you, and allows a date, a phone call, or any interaction to go very smoothly in your favor.

    A guy who masters Attraction Fashion gets phone numbers more often, texts returned more promptly, and dates escalating more intensely.

    When you master Seduce With Style, your image combined with your sub-communications will display high social status that will impossible to ignore when you walk into any room. And, the path to sex or a relationship will be much faster and easier than before. In short, a guy who masters Style Attraction is NEVER lonely.

    fb post suits

    A Facebook post, from a female friend of mine..


    How Fast And How Many Girls Will I Attract Using Style Attraction?

    Students of mine have reinvented their wardrobe, hairstyle and body language in a matter of 3 days, and seen immediate results. The sub-communications, facial expressions and body language changes will take more time, depending on the social level of the student.

    Unlike other “seduction methods”, Style Attraction is easy and fast to implement. It also works as soon as she sees you, not 10 minutes afterward when you’re trying to verbally “convince” her to like you.

    I have seen students immediately get 3-5 numbers the same weekend of our training and dates within 1 week. I have also seen students have girls drag them home after their image change from the club, all of this happening within a span of a long weekend.


    What’s A “Clothing Item”?

    A clothing item is any one piece of your overall attire. It can be a tie, a pair of shoes, or a necklace. A combination of the right clothing items make up a great outfit, or “image”.


    What’s An “Outfit?”

    An outfit is an industry term for a full “look”. Everything you have on when planning to go out, is “an outfit”. Different outfits can be put together to generate massive sexual attraction, look great at an event, or even get promoted to the job that you want.


    Example of 2 very different outfits

    a complete look

    Here’s an example of breaking down a “look” from a specific picture into your own lookbook

    What Is A “Sexual Stereotype” and how do I use it?

    Sexual Avatars, also known as Sexual Stereotypes, are archetypes of attractive guys found throughout culture. Just like guys, women often have specific “types” of guys that they find particularly attractive. If you can communicate through your style that you’re the type of guy they’re looking for, you can instantly get them attracted to you before you’ve even said a word.

    An example of a sexual stereotype is the athlete. Already, she imagining him being fit, strong and competitive, all masculine traits that attract feminine polarity. For a full list of sexual stereotypes and how to achieve them, take a look at our Sexual Avatars page.


    How Do I Budget For Clothes?

    Like anything else you want to buy, you need a plan to budget and save for new clothing items. The good news is that style is not directly related to pricing. Pricing is factor of branding and marketing by people who want your money.

    Style is about personal expression, and you can develop a style sense that will allow you put together outfits very easily. You can also learn how to shop for designer brands cheaply by reading the free bonus ebook when you visit SeducingWithStyle.com/ebook.


    Where Should I Buy Clothes?

    Over time you will develop style sense and find out which stores fit your ideal look. For inexpensive and great men’s clothing designs and quality, take look at Target, Zara and H&M.

    You can advance further by understanding how to convert style value points to actual social/attraction value. This allows you to gauge how much social value you get from your ideal girl type and compare that value to the clothing item price. This puts a strong disciplined process when you are shopping, and you will be ahead of 99% of the people out there who have no clue of this concept.


    How Do I Know If I Have The Right or Wrong Look?

    You will receive social pressure and feedback from everyone in your life when you first embark on an image change. Pay no attention to anyone except your target market: the girls you want. You can ask a girl at the mall for her honest opinion. You may be surprised at how often you will hear candid responses. I usually say, “Hey, I need your honest opinion on this [item] I’m trying to dress more attractively to women. You know you will never see me again. So, what are your real thoughts on this?”


    How Do I Know If What I Am Wearing Is Attracting Hot Girls?

    You will start to notice more girls glance at you when you walk around, and if you make eye contact with them, they will usually look down immediately, or hold eye contact for 1-2 seconds and then look down.

    This social pressure will always be there and over time you will get used to it once you have internally crystallized the Style Attraction concepts.

    When you go up and talk to girls, whether though a cold approach or social event, you will hear compliments about specific clothing pieces like, “that’s nice jacket” or “you look good with a skinny tie”. These compliments will come in consistently over and over again as long as you follow the SAS guidelines when dressing to go out.

    Hotter girls have the same social pressure when they go out and among peer groups. Thus, they have to date guy who at least understand the style cues of her social circle. Otherwise, she will risk losing her social status and her friends. By dressing like a real man with style, you will be able to attract these type of girls because so few guys know how to. She will immediately know that you “get it” and you get an instant pass past her normal defense mechanisms for sleeping with and dating a guy. The hotter the girl is, the more likely she is attuned to social value and style communications of value. Therefore, as you master the principles of Style Attraction, getting hotter girls actually becomes easier because so few guys stand out at that level.


    I Don’t look Like A Model And Am Not Sure I Can Pull It Off…

    Guys are often attached to their egos, and that restricts them from stepping out of their comfort zone to pursue something new, even if that new thing is extremely beneficial to their lives. Understand that change is always accompanied by fear, but fear in of itself does not reflect the results of change, which can usually be quite rewarding.

    Any guy can pull of Style Attraction Switches because they are artistic and conveyed through creativity. Yes, a guy who is shorter, or less “conventional” looking has less potential to create instant massive spark right away. However, in implement Style Switches he is still able to create a conveyance of his vibe and personality, which will attract girls when he first meets them.

    Unlike learning game, which can take months to years, clothing changes are instant, taking at most a few days of shopping. Anyone with the proper guidance can pull it off and make a drastic and permanently positive change to their lives.


    Can You Show Me An Example Of What I Would Look Like? I Don’t Want To Be Made Fun Of…

    There are plenty of ugly dudes with hot women on their arms and in their beds. No, the real secret to creating instant sexual attraction with women… is knowing how to create the right look, with your clothes. Every guy has different attributes so I cannot say without having seen a picture of you or met you in person. However, the principles of Style Attraction are the same for all men.

    Below is an example of my student Anthony. He started out looking like everyone else in Silicon Valley and afterward, transformed into a George Clooney-like icon in San Francisco.


    Instead of being made of, your new pictures will look better. You will get more online dates, more comments and likes on Facebook, and your professional profile will look better as well. Every aspect of your life will improve.


    My World Belief About Style Is Shattered! Where Do I Start To Learn About Style Attraction?

    [Download: 5 Style Myths that’s costing you money you don’t have]


    So, What Now?

    This isn’t the complete story of how to dress to attract hot girls.

    All I have tried to do here is set down answers to some of the most common questions that prevent guys from drastically improving their style and their dating lives. And I have excluded a lot of things, including details on Style Value, Clothing Brands and more advanced concepts of Style Attraction.

    Due to lack of space and the average reader’s attention span, I’ve included more advanced style concepts that will help you attract 9s and 10s in a booklet called “10 Little Tips That Makes Any Man Sexy”. It reviews the basic yet fundamental tips of dressing to kill and will instantly get you more phone numbers and compliments from the girls you want the next time you go out.




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