• How to Care for Your Manly Skin

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    Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

    I have a friend who swears that the secret to a life well lived is “exfoliation and communication.” There’s probably more to it that that, but those two rules seem a good a place to start as any. And while we’re usually here to wax poetic on the “communication” part of the package, today we’re going to focus on exfoliation.

    That’s because look, your skin is often the first things someone sees when they look at you. After all, you have a lot of it and it covers your whole body. You can wear all the right clothes and say all the right things, but if dry skin is falling onto your dapper jacket from your chapped lips as you say it, that’s just a turnoff in the worst way.

    So listen up: take care of your skin. We’re not asking you to be a chick here, just practice some simple skincare that can make a lot of difference. We’ll keep it easy – just a few steps which you can do mostly in the shower.

    1. Cleanse. It’s surprising how many men forget to do this. Or they wash their face with Dial soap, which after the age of 13 doesn’t work so well. If you do nothing else, be sure to wash your face with a non-drying agent formulated especially for your top third. This will cut down on oil slick face and reduce the size of your pores should they be large and noticeable. Look for a cleanser that’s able to degrease your skin while still being gentle.

    Lab Series Cleanser

    Lab Series Cleanser – labseries.com


    2. Exfoliate. Ah there it is. Even if you do it once a week (recommended is two to three), this will make a difference. Exfoliators are cleansers with granules that work to clean deep down and remove the sludgy, dull crud that clogs your pores and roughs up your skin. Don’t go bananas with exfoliation, but do use a good scrub with non-irritating granules that don’t redden your face. Bonus? Exfoliation softens your hair follicles and prepares your skin for shaving.

    Lab Series Exfoliator

    Lab Series Exfoliator – labseries.com


    3. Moisturize. If you live in the colder climes, this is a necessity. And if you live in the warmer parts of the world, get a moisturizer with an SPF so you don’t look like a leather face when you’re over the age of 40. Once your skin is cleansed and exfoliated, it’s ready for a dose of softening that only moisturizing can deliver. Plus, you’ll avoid dry patches and promote elasticity. Believe me, if you’re past your 20s, you want elasticity.

    Anthony Oil-free Lotion

    Anthony Oil-free Lotion with SPF – anthony.com


    Bonus Steps:

    We’re trying not to go overboard here, but if you’re serious about good skin, you can’t forget your eyes and lips. Most early wrinkling happens around the eyes because the skin there is thin and prone to crinkling. Using a cream under your eyes helps to smooth this area and protects it from crow’s feet before your time.

    Remember the aforementioned dry skin falling from chapped lips? We’ve seen it happen and those flecks of rough skin peppering your lips is most unattractive. Just carry some lip balm and you’re instantly more kissable (providing you use it).

    Hopefully, this skincare regimen is doable. And if nothing else, rest easy knowing that most women spend many long minutes a day on their skin and all we ask in return? Is clean skin and zero lip flakes.


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