• How Surfing is Like Pickup

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Surfing is a lot like picking up girls in the following ways:

    • When you first hit the water your body feels a natural rush. As the first wave hit you a combined sense of excitement and fear runs through your whole body.
    • There are many waves: some are better than the others, some are great waves that have much force and power, some waves are small and gentle. When you catch a great wave you feel like just conquered the world. And then there’s always the one that got away.
    • in order to get to where the waves break you have to go under the forceful ones and over the gentle ones. Sometimes you have  get around the obstacles to get to the riding point
    • You have to ride long and hard
    • You fear the big waves, just as you fear the challenges
    • Afterward, you feel a strong sense of accomplishment
    • You have to catch the right one so that it can take you as far as you can go
    • Sometimes ,there’s that beautiful wave that got away
    • After riding a few big waves, you learn how to handle it and the task becomes easier and easier.

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