How Much Jargon Is Too Much Jargon?

Here at PUA Lingo we write about PUA jargon. A LOT. We’re fast approaching having over 450 pickup artist terms defined on our site, and we have a couple hundred more cooking on the back burner which we’ll be publishing over the next few months. There’s just so much terminology out there in the community to write about.However, sometimes the question comes up: How much PUA jargon is too much? There are many different philosophies when it comes to using PUA terminology in the community, and arguing about whether or not to use PUA acronyms is a popular bit of dick crack on many community forums.Some PUA gurus are dead set against it. The dating coach David Wygant, for example, is an outspoken critic of PUA lingo, and even mocks it on a blog post titled Are You A WPUA?, where he argues that women don’t use special terminology to talk about dating (although, ironically, there are a growing number of FPUAs who are using community ideas to further their game). Other gurus, on the other hand, seem to come up with new words every week. So what’s the proper balance?

Personally, I tend to have a more moderate view when it comes to PUA terminology. While I don’t completely agree with David, I too cringe when I’m out with community guys and they use terms like “sarge” and “fclose”. There’s also a lot of words that are thrown around in the community that tend to objectify women, and some are even downright misogynistic.

On the other hand, I do see the benefit of using PUA acronyms, especially when I’m online, and quickly need to communicate a point across to other pick up artists. Saying: “I began by casually touching her leg, then her lower back, and started fooling around a little, but when I went to take off her bra, she resisted,” is a mouthful compared to just saying “I kino escalated her, but ran into some LMR.”

Plus, there are a lot of social concepts that are discussed and analyzed in the community for which there are no words for in the English language. Concepts such as blueprinting, peacocking, and the vacuum are all terms which have originated in the pickup community to explain very specific concepts within social dynamics. Although the dating game has existed for as long as there have been men and women, the mating dance has never been dissected before to the degree that it has within the community.

So there are both benefits and drawbacks to using community jargon. How much PUA lingo do use?

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