Hover Factor

Quick Definition: How long a guy waits hovering for a sign from a girl to make his approach.

Full Definition:

There’s a rule of thumb in the pickup artist community called the Three Second Rule, and it is intended to minimize your hover factor.

A pickup artist is said to be hovering when he hangs around reluctantly contemplating approaching a girl. This is common in a lot of newbies that haven’t learned to deal with their approach anxiety yet. They hang back, furiously debating with themselves on if they should approach a specific girl and hope for a signal from her that it’s OK to approach.

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There are two problems with this.

First of all, girls are incredibly intuitive to guys that hover and will sense it. And in turn will find you less attractive for doing it. In a girl’s eyes, a guy who hovers around waiting for the perfect moment or a signal from her to approach is a guy that is timid and seeks approval. She isn’t attracted to these types of guys. A girls craves a man who isn’t ashamed of his desires and is bold enough to walk up to her and approach her the minute he lays eyes on her.

Secondly, by hovering you’re effectively psyching yourself out. The longer you hang around waiting to make an approach, you make yourself more and more nervous until you’re a ball of skittish energy. And if and when you do finally make your approach, you’ll most likely blow it because you’ll be so nervous that it’ll come across in your body language.

Train yourself to adhere to the Three Second Rule and approach a girl you find attractive within three seconds of seeing her or as soon as she notices you. This way you leave little room for your approach anxiety to wreck havoc on your brain and you’ll impress her by your boldness.

Usage: Their hover factor is what causes most newbies to get blown out on the approach.

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