House Party Game

Quick Definition: Pickup techniques used in a house party environment.

Full Definition:

It’s no secret that house parties are among some of the best locations for a PUA to sarge. They usually have an abundance of hot women, a free flow of alcohol and an ‘everyone knows somebody here’ kind of vibe which makes opening much easier. That said, sticking out of the crowd and picking up women at a house party is an art in itself. Following are some tips that might be useful.

college frat party
A college fart party is an example of a form of house party game

Have fun – Women rarely come to a house party to have deep, meaningful conversations. They come to let their hair down and have a great night that they possibly might not remember the next morning. There are usually a few guys at these types of shindigs that are the life of the party. They’re usually the ones talking and laughing with everyone and working the room. This is the type of guy you need to be in a house party setting. Focus on being warm and friendly towards everyone and above all have fun yourself. Women will pick up on this and be much more open to your advances than they would if you were just sitting alone in a corner sipping your drink.

Be social – Standing out in a house party type setting is all about leveraging social dynamics. The moment you walk into a house party, start talking to someone and get yourself into a conversational mood. It doesn’t matter if you talk to guys or girls, all that matters is that you get some sort of conversational momentum going. It’s far easier to move from talking to a group of people to approaching a hot girl than it would be to approach her after spending half an hour alone on a couch.

Work on your body language  and vocal tonality- House parties are usually really, really loud. The chances are you’ll be approaching girls on or around the dance floor or down some crowded corridor with music blasting in your ears. In such circumstances there is no room for subtlety. You need to be able to project your voice and use your body language to convey your alpha male characteristics.

Don’t commit party fouls – There are a number of party fouls that you should be weary of; and more so as a pickup artist. Don’t be the guy that either gets too drunk and spills his drink on someone or gets kicked out for being creepy. Remember, in house parties, a lot of people will know each other and won’t hesitate to get rid of anyone ruining their trip.

Usage: You really should work on your house party game before going off to college.

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