Houndstooth Pattern Houndstooth is a jagged checkered pattern which originated in Scotland. The pattern has traditionally been a repeating motif of black checkers weaved into a field of white, although in recent times, designers have begun experimenting with other colors as well.

Houndstooth enjoyed a spurt of popularity in the 1960s and 1980s, when it was picked up by Chanel, and most recently in 2005 when high end designers such as Emporio Armani, Lous Vuitton and Moschino began incorporating the pattern into their designs.

Houndstooth is a very loud as far as patterns go, but is versatile because it has a both modern and classic feel. Like Herringbone, houndstooth has traditionally been found in knit and woven clothing items:

Houndstooth Vest
A simple and classy houndstooth vest

Houndstooth Tie
A colorful and bold houndstooth tie

More modern uses of houndstooth have seen the pattern used as a printed motif rather than a pattern created from woven wool:

Houndstooth Jacket
A very modern and hip houndstooth jacket

Single Houndstooth Shirt
A t-shirt with a single houndstooth check

Houndstooth is a popular motif for shoes as well, for giving it a retro or modern look:

Pink Houndstooth Shoes
Bold pink houndstooth shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor Houndstooth Sneaker
A Chuck Taylor sneaker featuring houndstooth

Vans Houndstooth Tweed Shoes
Two pairs of tweed shoes from Vans with the houndstooth motif


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