Hot Game

Quick Definition: Having a sustainable social ecosystem that generates, gives and circulates positive emotions for your life.

Full Definition:

AKA “Buzz”, AKA  “social reputation”.

In certain major cities, there are established groups of social circles in different industries, social classes, and “social worlds”. In each of these, an artist can establish himself after a few weeks through his reputation alone. This reputation will precede him, and usually open up other doors that are otherwise shut off.

Learning to develop hot game should not take precedence over proper cold approach game. Without proper cold approach game, you will make more enemies and create more problems over time. That is why it is important to practice and sometimes PUAs will travel to another city to “practice” game.


Mystery discusses ways to establish “hot game” using technology, as well as making the right social connections.

@ 12:25, Mystery discusses “Hot Game”

Usage: Create hot game to get girls interested in you even before you meet them.

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