Hot Babe (HB)

Quick Definition: A beautiful woman, or any woman, rated on a scale of beauty from 1-10. (HB can also stand for “Hunny Bunny.”)

Full Definition:

When discussing women on online pickup forums, PUAs often use “HB” as a shorthand for women, especially when writing field reports where they want to maintain some degree of privacy for the women.

PUAs often use a rating scale for HBs, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. PUAs also add qualifiers to the term HB to differentiate sets with more than one HB. Thus, an HB10 Asian would be an extremely attractive Asian woman.

Some PUAs argue that the HB scale is demeaning to women, while others use a rating scale based on overall social value, rather than just pure physical value. However, whatever rating scale one uses, there is no denying that assigning women of different attractiveness requires different tactics and calibration.

Some PUAs prefer to use the alternative term “hunny bunny,” because they feel it is more empowering. There are also subtleties in the language PUAs use for “HB.” Apart from being mainstream pop culture, “hot babe” automatically assigns a value or desire that the PUA wants from the woman and usually is only referencing a physical trait. A “honey bunny” brings to the imagination a childlike cuteness and sweetness; in physical form and personality, much like the bunny rabbit.

HBs come in all shapes, sizes and moods in field:

Cold HBs

HB Bitch Look

Warm HBs


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I opened a two set at the coffee shop–let’s call them HB8 blonde and HB9 brown eyes.

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