Hot Asian Versus Nerdy Asian: Who Gets The Girl?


It seems like every time some ugly stereotype breaks down, another one hops up to take its place. Just as we’re finally living in an age where racial stereotypes are coming down and people are at least acting like they’re smarter than that (if they aren’t actually really, really smarter than that), some things never change. Take dating: of course a gorgeous Asian guy with killer dance moves and six-pack abs can pretty much have any girl he wants. Sure, some eyebrows are gonna go up and some less enlightened people are going to make a few nasty remarks, but all in all, it’ll be fine.

But what about the less-than-attractive, less-than-killer-dance-movey Asian guys? Where are the crowds of white women flocking to their sides, Harold and Kumar aside?

Here is a nowhere-near-comprehensive list of nerdy Asian guys who scored true love with the girls of their dreams…girls who just happened to be white, but let’s not make a thing out of it.

Yo-Yo Ma: this guy is the quintessential stereotype of the little Asian kid being forced to stay inside and practice the cello while all the other kids in the neighborhood got to go out and play. Jokes on you, guys, Yo-Yo not only got really awesome at that cello and makes a butt-load of money off it, he also married his longtime (white) girlfriend in a fit of “you’re not the boss of me” rebellion.

Steven Chu: You don’t get a lot nerdier than the president of the science club, and yet, this guy has a Nobel Prize in Physics and still managed to get married to his white girlfriend. I’m not envisioning a lot of clubbing or bar hopping while those two were dating, but hey, they made it work.

Li Cunxin: Oh, for cryin’ out loud…this guy’s a ballet dancer! He’s lucky he’s even married to a girl, let alone a white girl! Okay, yeah, even I have to admit that was a really ugly stereotype. My apologies to Li, to dancers, and to everyone who has fallen victim to the ignorant belief that Asian men can’t dance. Not only is this guy proof that they CAN, he’s also proof they can get the girl.

The list goes on and on. There are lots of successful Asian guys who are happily involved with white girls. It doesn’t matter what the stereotypes say or what kind of damage has been done to your cool factor, there’s a girl out there for everyone. Now put down the cello and go look for one.



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