• Horse Girl Opener

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Originally by Brad P., the horse girl opener he devised going out for a year by himself before the advent of the seduction community on the internet.

    Brad: “Hey, do you like horses?”

    HB: “Yeah/No/Why?”

    Brad: “When I was little in 3rd grade, there was this girl, she was a little quirky and loved horses. She had pictures of horses and all her drawings were horses. We used to make fun of her a lot”

    HB: “What / You’re mean / I do love horses”

    Brad: “I just wanted to say, that you kind of look like her, and I’m sorry. I want to apologize for my behavior”

    The idea of the horse girl opener is:

    1) it is outrageous and interrupts her pattern

    2) puts her into a role play situation

    3) a bit shocking and funny and unique

    daisy of love

    Daisy from Daisy of Love

    Brad explains this at 12:50

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