Hoop Theory

Quick Definition: A task or request for compliance by a PUA or HB, to see if the other person will comply and “jump through” their hoop.

Full Definition:

Hoop theory is the basic idea behind a compliance test. Often, when a girl asks a man to do something for her, she is trying to see if she can get him to comply by jumping through the hoop. AFCs will usually jump straight through without hesitation, in a show of supplication, compliance, and beta-male behavior. Such approval seeking behavior is a DLV and is very unattractive.

A PUA will only do a favor for an HB after she has done something for him (i.e. buying her breakfast after sex). PUAs can also throw hoops or reverse frame a hoop the girl has thrown by throwing it right back at her. For example, if an HB asks, “can you buy me a drink?” the PUA could say, “I am more than willing to buy my friends drinks; however I don’t know you well enough yet. Why don’t you get this round, and once I get to know you better I can buy the next two rounds for the night?”

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