Honorary PUAs

Quick Definition: Characters and celebrities who are not officially in the seduction community and yet share the PUA moniker because of the similarity and effectiveness of their own seduction techniques.

Full Definition:

Honorary PUAs are guys who are in nature seducers, however they may not have entered via the seduction community. Some common honorary PUAs who are mentioned often on the pick up forums include:

  • Tucker Max – for his outrageous and asshole ways with women, chronicles on his blog
  • Russell Brand – a gifted rockstar/comedian, and formerly married to Katy Perry
  • George Clooney – GQ and class all the way, a true ladies man
  • Seth Green – a friend of Neil Strauss, and an actor who gets girls despite his height, a common friend of the PUA community
  • David Spade – another short actor who pulls mad tail, both David and Seth have been featured as seducers on the HBO show Entourage
  • Cast of Entourage – a male fantasy of Hollywood, women, and the life that entails
  • Hank Moody – fictional, from Californication, the manwhore writer who charms his way out of trouble
the cast of Entourage

Example of Hank Moody in action

Example of Russell Brand on The View, seducing the women

Example of the guys rating girls on Entourage


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