Honey Trap

Quick Definition: A false representation of replication/survival value by a girl to seduce a man for his value, which is usually much higher.

Full Definition:          

Honey traps exist in all forms. From the video girls to models who date athletes, a girl can trade in her “model” status for the equivalent or higher social status from a man. In situations where there is deception involved, the woman is often perceived as much higher value (replication) than she actually is. Honey traps include and are not limited to:

Asian girls makeup

The Asian girl turned kawaii cute is a master of the makeup arts.


before_after asian girl makeup

Chubbie cute angled camera blondes AKA Fattie Tuna

Chubbie blondes are great at hiding their full figures in online profiles. Fat Girl Overhead Photo (FGOP)

cute blonde?
Definitely NOT cute…

Chubettes with cute faces

Lots of chubettes learn to curtail cute facial features as a balance for their weight.



Don’t let Ray Ray lay the honey trap on you!

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