• Honey Combs

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Honey combs are the pattern of wear that occurs on Raw Denim and Dry Denim jeans behind the knees. Since the knees are the largest joint on the legs, honey combs are often the easiest and most frequent type of wear on a pair of jeans, even on processed jeans.

    Honey combs are so named because the wear around the knees often takes the form of interlocking diamonds, which resemble actual honey combs. Honey combs are seen as desirable in jeans because they show that a pair of jeans is well worn, and can lend a pair of jeans a more rugged and personalized look.

    Honey Combs Jeans

    Honey combs on a pair of raw denim jeans

    Honey combs jeans knee

    Closeup of honey combs

    Straight Honey Combs Jeans

    Straight honey combs

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