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  • Honest Signals

    By on March 8, 2015

    Quick Definition: A way of communicating that forces you and the woman to react a certain way.

    Full Definition:

    Refers to communication signals that are “high fidelity” and hard to fake. Examples include “self amusement” -talk about what is interesting to you. The reason Owen jokes about “slut”, “dog”, “you whore” is to trigger her DNA signals instead of “socially correct” signals. It also forces the guy to be congruent based on his reaction to the girls initial reaction.

    Owen talks about honest signals that are very hard to fake (in reaction or response to a situation)


    Women look for honest signals of an alpha male (hard to fake)

    Related Terms: Inner Game, Congruence, S&R Value, Biological Imperative, Girl Code, RAS

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