• Hitting Your Stride

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: When the artist hits “Seducer’s Aura”, and has a certain walk and swagger when walking around a venue and momentum to his game flow.

    Full Definition:

    An artist who goes out regularly knows the elements he needs to his his stride. Usually, I need to talk to 2-3 girls, and if I have a wingman with me, I can chat with him for a bit. 15-20 minutes into it, I can get into a “talkative state”. Once this happens I can usually approach with no problems.

    Different people have different ways they hit their stride. Some drinks, others smoke, others sit around and wait for friends. Whatever your process is, it is important to develop a disciplined, practiced approach to hitting your stride, especially with cold approaches. This allows the artist to control the element of chance and no longer relay on elements outside of his control.

    Once you hit “state” or “stride”, you will perform at your top 90% percentile. This doesn’t mean that if you suck you suddenly become good. It just means you are a high performer and you are aware and present. In this state, learning takes place and you realize the mistakes you make and remember them better with emotional anchors.


    Cheetahs, one of the fastest animals instinctively hit their running stride very quickly to outrun predators, or run towards prey.

    Usage: Every night, the point at which I hit my stride changes and I can hit it faster and earlier in the night.

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