Hired Gun

Quick Definition: An HB who was hired to work at a venue because of her beauty, often in restaurants, bars, and other direct service-oriented locations.

Full Definition:

Hired Guns can range from waitresses, to strippers, to sales girls at the mall stores, who are hired specifically for their beauty. Because these women are being paid to be friendly, they are often great targets for GPUAs getting into the game to practice their game and overcome their anxiety of talking to attractive women.

Actually picking up a hired gun is somewhat difficult, as they are hit on all the time and also often throw out fake IOIs for their own gain. In the Mystery Method, the general rule is to first demonstrate value by showing flash game with other customers, and then, once the hired gun is interested, starting a conversation at A2. Negs are also required as her attention and ego are already quite high from the stampede of attention from AFC customers.

Another approach is to become a regular customer of the venue where the hired gun works and use banter to build attraction and build rapport over time through conversation. Hired guns who work in boring service jobs will often appreciate a customer with a fun vibe, who brightens up her day, so being that fun customer can help set a PUA apart. Having a good relationship with hired guns can also serve as social proof for gaming other customers in the venue.

A sub-segment of gaming hired guns is stripper game, which differs in that it requires such tactics as being indifferent and not paying her for dances.


Hired guns make good warm-up sets.

Related Terms: SHB, Social Proof, Flash Game, Pivot, Neg

Source: Mystery

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