Hired Gun Game

Quick Definition: The specific area of game theory that applies to picking up Hired Guns, or girls that are working and are specifically hired for their physical beauty to interact with customers.

Full Definition:

Hired guns come in all forms. Macy’s. Victoria’s Secret. The street fair. The bar. The strip bar. Survey taking girls on the sidewalks. Anytime a girl is being paid to work for someone else and she is technically “at work,” she is essentially a hired gun.

Hired guns are good because they are paid to talk to customers. As such, when running mall game, it is very easy to step into a store and chat-up a girl and start gaming her. It is great for warm-up sets. A hired gun is supposed to be nice to you because she is representing the product she is selling and must be somewhat professional, although not all girls always are.

Because hired guns are essentially working a “job,” there is some sense of professionalism. Therefore it can be hard to break these barriers. The key is to realize when a girl needs a job, and when a girl is just there because she has to “work.” Some women are more prone to flirting on the job than others. Nonetheless, always give her plausible deniability when it comes to flirting with customers. For the same reason that she is working, sometimes the number or email exchange must be done discretely, lest her boss see her dating her customers.

Creepy guy but a good example of a hired gun pickup:


Usually you must neg hard in hired gun game.

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