• High Sex Drive (HD)

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    Quick Definition: A strong physiological and psychological urge to engage in sexual activities.

    Full Definition:       

    An HD is a high desire to have sex. It can refer to a long-term internal state of the person being naturally highly sex driven, or the particular mood that a person is in at the moment. Dale Carnegie writes in How to Influence People and Win Friends that the two most important things in life for most people are 1. “Sex drive” and 2. “the desire to be important.” Ultimately, sex drives determine our ability to pass on our genes to the next generation.

    For men, controlling one’s sex drive is particularly important to develop momentum for going out (i.e. not masturbating). Some of the best work in history was motivated by muses and fueled by high sex drives. With the day and age of the internet, much of this desire can be suppressed by watching porn online. However, having an appreciation and understanding of one’s sex drive can be helpful in motivating oneself and also improving one’s skills in the bedroom.

    For women, sexual state depends on their cycle and the amount of estrogen and testosterone in her the body. When a woman has HD, she usually is more flirtatious, will wear more revealing clothing, and conveys a higher degree of sexuality. Much of this is unconscious. Being aware of women’s sex drives can help PUAs recognize IOIs and help them approach more receptive women.


    My porn star girlfriend has a naturally high sex drive.

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    CR James September 23, 2010 - 4:53 am

    Non-biologically, a woman’s sex drive is also influenced by ‘the presence’ of a sexually valuable guy (in combination with his methods for creating sexual tension).

    The more she is exposed to him, the more she is affected (biologically).

    It’s kind of like when a guy is around a hot chick, there’s going to be a spike in his testosterone. Long-term exposure = higher testosterone = HD.


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