• Herringbone

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Herringbone Pattern The herringbone pattern is a V-shaped pattern typically found in clothing made from twill fabric.

    The herringbone pattern gets its name because the shape made by the weave resembles the skeleton (bones) of a herring-fish.

    Herringbone is often found in casual sportscoats and blazers, and is typically a combination of black and another color, such as white, grey, brown, or blue.

    The herringbone pattern dates back to over 400 b.c. and has a very classy and gentlemanly feel to it. Try wearing a herringbone jacket or blazer for a high-quality, woven texture not found in other fabrics:

    Herringbone Blazer

    This herringbone blazer has a different feel than typical blazers

    Herringbone Peacoat

    This herringbone peacoat has a classic feel to it

    Herringbone Vest

    A classy and comfortable herringbone vest

    Herringbone is a common pattern found in tweed hats:

    Herringbone Hat

    A tweed hat with herringbone stitching

    Herringbone  Cap

    A more modern interpretation of the tweed hat

    And for those that need a bag that matches their wardrobe:

    Herringbone Bag

    The herringbone suitcase

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