Health Indicators

Quick Definition: The various biological indicators of health, which usually refers to a woman’s physical traits although it can  also apply to men.

Full Definition:

Because women are biologically valued for their replication value compared to men, their health indicators can dictate the extent of male behavior patterns that specifically respond to them. For example, have you ever seen a beautiful girl and suddenly felt a spike of instant physiological response to her? This is a biological trigger for physical beauty.

In Survival of the Prettiest, evolutionary biologist Nancy Etcoff explains that strong jawline and cheekbones are a result of strong doses of vitamins and chemicals. Facial symmetry is correlated to disease immunity. Breast firmness and size is directly correlated to age and ability to give birth. Large full lips require strong doses of estrogen. Healthy hair is a sign of abundant nutrition.

These days, many of these natural health indicators can be faked, and the billion dollar cosmetic and beauty industry caters to this demand to increase our health indicators. Among the various ways women enhance their looks includes and is not limited to:

  • Lipstick to add color and fullness to lips
  • Eye shadow to accentuate the size of the eyes
  • Plastic surgery for nose symmetry and breast size and firmness
  • Dermatology and skincare products for healthy skin tone
  • High heels to accentuate the butt and seem more skinny and classy than usual
  • Hair extensions
  • Shoulder pads
  • Butt enhancements
  • Eyelid surgery

Female health indicators all point to one thing: ability to give birth to a healthy offspring. Male indicators are different and respond to the man’s natural physical potential as well as his ability to survive and adapt. Strong chin and jawlines are a result of high testosterone, height indicates healthy nutrition, muscle tonality shows physical prowess against attackers. Unlike females, however, male intelligence also has a huge influence on his ability to lead a tribe and also hunt and gather the necessary resources.  For this reason, female tends to want to mate with good-looking male models, however they tend to choose husbands or providers that indicate more than juat short term good looks.


Her health indicators are excellent, fake or not it is hard to tell.

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