Harlequin on AMOG, Awesome! (AMOG and Fight Psychology)

author:       “Harlequin”
date:            Fri, 22 Oct 2002 02:21:00 GMT
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subject:      Harlequin on AMOG, Awesome! …I’ve studied psychology till I can’t bear to study anymore, then I discovered Fight Psychology. One of my Sensei, a guy named Max has a degree in psychology…

I almost got killed because I had game’ post in FR is something of a disturbance to me.

Guys like that, they’re going to end up killing someone, even if it’s themselves. I don’t know about you but I don’t like violence toward anyone.

Many Amogs & WBAFCs, no matter their size, they’re still just a screwed up adolescent kid on the inside with a great deal to learn about how to be a decent human being.

I’ve studied psychology till I can’t bear to study anymore, then I discovered Fight Psychology. One of my Sensei, a guy named Max has a degree in psychology. He’s known as the best Streetfighter in Leeds yet he’s one of the most respectful & peaceful guys I’ve ever known. His frame conveys his inner peace. He does not expect the world around him to be violent & so he does not experience violence without his control. Know this: What you expect of the world, you experience in the world. What you think of life, manifests… what you think of, you create… You fear spiders?

You will notice the spider, you will find it. It attracts your awareness. No fear people. And in pre-fight escalation, embrace fear, it will give you the adrenaline for the fight of flight mechanism.

Fear is totally dependant on you not wanting it. So let it in & move past it. Embrace fear; it’s not the fear that we’re trying to avoid, it’s cowardice that you should avoid.

This amogging thing, it should not be about agression. That’s for the ego. We attack what we fear. Why should I fear my brother? The best place to meet is on equal terms.

Know when to out-alpha & when just to display equality. Don’t attack the Amogs. Use humour after sincerity, use silence & calm when another is raising their voice. Have NO fear & people will not know how to defeat you. Prize yourself above any gain an amog could make by bringing you down. Knowing you has a value greater than fighting you: convey this.

Find out what appeals to people. You don’t HAVE to befriend them, you just have to show that you’re of value & that you’re not to be feared. Yet they can still detect that it would be a dumb move to get on the wrong side of you.

The guy that was agressive toward you in a set, would he be so agressive if he were the one you opened & won over first?

Sarge & the amogs will come.

Amog & the girls will come.

Even when it seems too late, you can use your identity & value to win guys over.

I’ve gone up to the primo alpha of a set of guys that were hunting me down, I’ve said something to him, he’s laughed like a hyena, told me I’m alright & then insisted I roll with him & his ‘crew’ & been to what seemed like every VIP room in the city.

If you’re going to be a PUA you should know how to handle yourself, your social tools & any Peacocking you might do can create extremely jealous AFCs, some of whom are not your average guys… they could be drug dealers, former convicts & when I visit certain areas, I run into a lot of soldiers & they’re usually at war with themselves & at the very least, any guy they don’t like the look of.

If you’re going to be working in one area or one city for a while, I advise you to make a connection with doormen, Dj’s club owners, get familiar & handshake happy with anyone that looks like they could be your rival or cock block on any other day. Find powerful people, find their passions, usually more power, & let them talk about themselves to you for ten minutes, then tell them who you are, about your company or your club/bar/ambitions/car, anything that they will respect & then they like you & even if you fuck up & they don’t like you, they WILL respect you & that’s enough.

I used to work in security, close protection & other things so I’m lucky in that I know a great deal of doormen & others like me. 7 years ago I was in a pizza shop after the clubs kicked out, I was with a girl that I’d effectively time-bridged there, an arrangement I’d made from within a club called on Boar Lane Leeds called NATO. A Squaddie & his three giant friends sat down at the table next to us & very quickly took a disliking to me, I was in a suit & doing well with the girl. The main alpha, a drunk & dangerous Royal Marine started running his mouth… The girl suggested we leave & I was about to agree with her when I saw four doormen from NATO entering & ordering their food. I knew three of them on first name terms, one of them, Maurice was in particular not the sort of bouncer you’d want to get on the wrong side of.

When he came over to me & said hi to me the big sod that had it in for me shut his hole & as my friend told the girl I was with was in ‘good hands’ I quipped, “She hasn’t had my hands yet Maurice but I’m glad you know of my reputation.” The doormen went to sit at the table in front of us & I looked over at the Squaddies, I asked them where they all worked out since they were all huge. “Army gym” said one of them.

h “Really, a Commando are you?”

“That’s right, Royal Marines…” (they told me their regiment out of York though I forget it now)

h “Yeah, so you’re on leave?”

“Aye… & you should be too.”

h “Maybe not, here…” & I gave him my card & asked them:

“If you boys wanna earn some extra crust sometime give me a call, I always have work for guys like you.” Now I never met a man that wasn’t interested in earning money, especially on the side & even when a guy’s thinking about smashing your face in he’ll do it twice as fast if he’s been paid to do it.

The Marines’ attitude changed immediately. Their first question was:

“What the fuck’s this about” I gave my answer as I stood up to leave & helped the girl put her jacket round her shoulders. Their next question was:

“When’s a good time to call.”

Do you think that could have worked only work for me? If a guy made up a story about his history, but still had the cards made that backed it up… if the doormen hadn’t entered like they did here, do you not think that any person could have won the favour of the drunk soldiers?

It is not in human nature to be violent, violence is something that animals resort to when we are in fear. It is human nature to be good to yourself & others. It takes less energy being a good person than it does to be a marauding destroyer. I’m no different to you. You can be far beyond where I am. I train with riot police at the House of the Divine Warrior, Bujinkan Kokoro Dojo www.bujinkan.co.uk & in Aikido I’m senior grade & have trained with the Japanese Senshusei. I used to do Submission fighting & train with people like Max Gillespie, taught under Les Allen who you could search Google for or check out SFUK. Am I seeking your validation? Yes: I just don’t want you to think this is BS. I owe my life to the knowledge I have & the many mistakes I’ve learned from.

Dealing with Alphas is one of the things I’m very good at. I suck at lots of things but Amogging isn’t one of them.

If any PUA wants a better way to deal with Amogs or if they just want to perfect their game with their inner strength, all you need to do is study. Pick an art form, whatever works for you; it can be Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Wrestling, Submission Fighting, Karate, Boxing & so on. Get some cardio done, swim 60 lengths of a pool, but whatever you do… don’t limit yourselves.

It is not human nature to limit ourselves; we are designed to be, unlimited.

Anyone in that reads this if they would like a month free at Kokoro Dojo or would like information on our affiliates in the USA then PM me, we’re linked up with Bujinkan in Atlanta. It’s more than combat Jiu Jitsu as anyone that clicks the link will see. Bujinkan is for sure the art of fighting without fighting. It gives me a power behind my eyes. As Syren will testify, no Amogs want to be violent. In fact they’re usually great guys in other situations.

Like in Fight Club, Tyler Durden’s Homework asssignment, Start A Fight & Lose… it’s not easy. People don’t WANT to fight. With Bujinkan & the other stuff I’ve done people can pick up from me a protecting vibe. I can pacify any angry Amog because I know how they work… I used to be one. My introduction here is long-winded but you’ll see why I am the way I am from it. I don’t want to hear of ANY PUAs or people suffer what Jrock went through; though he dealt with it very well & had the strength to retreat, I’m not saying that you’re the one & you can dodge bullets but I AM saying that you won’t have to. See the chodes of the matrix & disarm them with harmlessness or overwhelming value. Game them… “Guys are just ugly girls.” – Mystery. Curiosity & envy… DEV. Demonstrate Equal Value.

Look at martial arts & Bujinkan. Part of the Creed of Ninjitsu is that ‘Everyone feels safer with me around.”

My game would SUCK without my inner confidence & spirit.

Perfect yourselves…

The Jitsu isn’t all about reframing & disarming agreession. The best Harlequin-Jitsu is when you just have fun. I sarged without any wingmen for over ten years. It’s great & a poor wingman will usually only hold you back.

Forget the girls for a while when you arrive at the venue. Amog. The girls looking at you will notice you being the alpha as you control the conversation, plus you appear to know everyone. Meet the guys, game them, take a genuine interest in the good guys that you meet. You won’t look like you’re on your own & you’ll make wingmen of them without them being aware if you so wish. Forward merging sets comes with social intelligence & re-cognizing shared human values.

Have a drink in your hand & make out like your just seeking a bit of guy company cauz you’re usually surrounded by women, which should be true for you anyway.

Example. When I go out alone I might say to a bunch of guys.

HQ-“Hey fellas, did you ever see the, The Magic Roundabout?'” (I you try this, pick a zany show from your childhood that made no bloody sense)

Guy 1-“Yeah, course. Great show.”

Guy2-“Loved that show”

HQ-“What the hell was all that about then?”

*laughter* Point out the guy in the set that reminds you of Dougal, the Zebedee & so on. Fasle disqualify as announcing yourself as Florence.

Stack forward, with other shows that you loved as a kid. It’s a great conversation. Any conversation is great if it’s enjoyable. Talk music, film, anything.

Say where you’re going & why, ask them if they’re on a stag do. Ask them what they’re celebrating, stack. How do they no each other, where are they hiding the women? Who’s driving? What the hell’s going on in the premiership/NFL/Baseball season. You can get out of there once you have established enough endearment toward you that they won’t cockblock you.

Guy stuff, are they on the pull, anything like that. Kick ass, shake hands, take names, make an impact, raise their energy. If you meet guys who are say, in an unsigned band then ask them about it, let them DHV, be interested.

Interesting people are people that are interested in things. If you meet a guy that’s out to meet girls, discuss tactics, you’ll blow him away with your theory & when trust is established, if you like the guy, you can bring him into the game.

Tell him about MM, JM, Bristol Lair, the LSS, Neil’s book. As I write this I have 13 referrals on MM. Go wing.

Or just blow sets openon your own run your game & forward merge after you hook. You can qualify on the fly. Qualify. “Lets go make some new friends.” Is a Mystery classic.

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