• Handling Shit Tests and Building Attraction

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Guest post by Love Systems Daxx

    Hey guys Daxx here,

    Got an email from Casual to write a guest post on here, and while I was at the PUA Summit this year I had a few guys asking me ‘How Do You Pass Shit Tests?’ I was going to post this on my blog – http://www.daxxterity.com but thought it would be a good opportunity to post it on here.

    First off, what is a ‘shit test’?

    For those that don’t know, these ‘tests’ are questions that girls will throw at us to see if we walk the walk as well as talk the talk. The reason girls do this is because a lot of guys can be confident on the approach and play a good poker face the whole way through the interaction, but later down the line the cracks start to show and the confident guy she thought he was is actually not that guy at all.

    So girls throw these tests at us to separate the men from the boys, and a lot of the time the girl doesn’t even know she’s doing it. In summary, a shit test is a way of the girl finding out whether we are the real deal or just another hopeful trying to get into her pants.

    Examples of ‘Shit Tests’

    A lot of the time when a girl is throwing out these tests is because she’s had a lot of guys hit on her that day/night/week/month/year/lifetime and has had enough of wasting her time on giving 10 minutes to everyone of the 95% of guys who haven’t got a chance. Imagine you had 20 fat chicks a day coming up and hitting on you, you’ll be nice to the first 2 or 3, then you’d probably start asking abrupt questions to filter out the ones that are actually cool enough to talk to.

    Some example of tests a girl might throw at you are:

    • Why are you talking to me?
    • Are you gay?
    • Buy me a drink
    • Who are you, do I know you?
    • Is that your best pick-up line?

    The 95% of guys that she’s filtering out will respond with things like:

    Her: Why are you talking to me?

    Guy: Oh well uh, I just thought you were really hot so wanted to say hi but I can go if you want


    Her: Are you gay?

    Guy: No I’m not gay why do you think that?


    Her: Buy me a drink

    Guy: Ok what do you want?

    I know these are a bit extreme but you can see why girls want to filter these guys out.

    How to Pass a Shit Test:

    The best way to pass a shit test is to playfully ‘Agree & Exaggerate’ with what she says. E.g.

    Her: Are you gay?

    You: I’m not gay but my boyfriend is


    Her: Are you gay?

    You: Well I don’t make eye contact when I give blowjobs, and as long as you don’t make eye contact it doesn’t count

    Her: Buy me a drink

    You: I’ll buy you a thousand drinks but you buy me one first

    Her: Why are you talking to me?

    You: I forgot there was a no talking policy at this club (while at a bar or nightclub)


    Her: Why are you talking to me?

    You: I told mum I was going to (bar or club you’re at) tonight to hopefully get married

    Her: Is that a pick-up line?

    (If she does say that the question/thing you said is probably too ‘gamey’, make sure you don’t come across with that weird community guy vibe or you’ll get called out a lot)

    You: Yeh now your turn


    Her: Is that a pick-up line?

    You: No, (take some ice out of your drink, drop it on the floor and step on it) now that I’ve broken the ice what’s your name?…That’s a pick up line.

    MAKE SURE that you’re coming across playfully, so smile to make it clear you’re not being serious after. Otherwise saying ‘I’m not gay but my boyfriend is’ or ‘I told mum I was going to (bar or club you’re at) tonight to hopefully get married’ in a serious tone and not smiling, it could work, but if you don’t play it off right you will be put in the weird guy box.

    The way agreeing and exaggerating works is it is basically being sarcastic, so you’re making her comment sound stupid and turn it back on her being the one saying the weird shit. Then you just transition on to something new, so if it’s off the bat and she throws a test I’ll agree & exaggerate, then (as long as she responds well which she should do if you do it right) transition with ‘so what’s your name’ or ‘what’s the occasion’ for example. As long as you’re doing it right you’ll see the attraction shoot up after you put it back on her.

    Remember – ‘Agree & Exaggerate’ and make sure you play it off right, then transition and shit tests will no longer be an issue!

    You can read more post like this on my blog – http://www.daxxterity.com

    Til next time!


    Love Systems Instructor

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