• Halloween 2011 Costume Tip: Interactive Ability

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Halloween is here and you might be wondering if you would participate this year. After all, people are partying 4 days in a row: Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday the official day of the festive holiday.

    Contender for top male and female costumes always vary, with the females pulling in a variety of the top 10 that’s always sexy, fun, and sure to get them lots of attention. Women has practically become experts at being sexy. And Halloween is the perfect time for her to show off her sex appeal without the backlash of society social conditioning.


    But what about us men?

    A man who refuses to dress up on Halloween shows a lack of confidence and perhaps most importantly… sense of fun and imagination. This is probably the deal killer for any type of attraction with women.

    As if men didn’t have enough fashion decisions to make – most of us can’t even get our suit size correct, we now have a weird holiday that requires us to come up with something that’s not specifically tailored!

    Since you’re the reader of Seduce With Style, I assume that you already know the style basics and therefore you stand out from the crowd, Halloween or not. Good for you, my man. But in case you’re new, here’s a recap

    For Halloween:

    • Don’t spend a ton of money on a costume you’re going to wear for one night. If you do, save that costume for next year. Seriously.
    • Choose a costume that accentuates the Style Attraction Switches. High value, high status, mixed with fun and approachability (ease of others to approach you. Joker’s costume wouldn’t fit)
    • When in doubt, ask your hottest female friend.
    • Get into character, but remember to break the image when you need to – at the end of the day, the girl is getting to know you. Know when to leverage your character (in the beginning) and know when to leverage your own identity.

    Today I want to introduce to you the concept of “interactiveness”. Interactiveness is the level of natural interaction that your style generates with the outside world. Interaction can be good or bad. The bum on the street dressed like Boy George may get attention on Venice beach, but he won’t be bedding any of the women he meets. That’s usually weird/fascinating/negative interaction. Take however, a kissing booth, and you’re sure to get at least some remarks and comments.

    I remember a few Halloweens ago in SF, a little girl dressed up as little red. She has a large basket full of lollipops, and she handed them out to people that came up. It was an INSTANT conversation starter, and she was able to give people value and become the center of attention within that whole social scene.

    What are you going to be this year? Give is some thought. I should combine:

    • Something that is very creative
    • A association with high value (vampire, knight, superhero)
    • Something that naturally fits into your persona or acting chops
    • Level of interaction: can people play with your costume? Does it create a magnetic pull?

    Here is a hidden rare example of a seduction secret for a costume that gets you TONS Of attention, phone numbers and Facebook contacts of the hot girls you’ll meet:

    Even if you costume isn’t as “interactive”, remember that you can make it so by having fun.¬†Example of “fun” costume attitude:

    So whether you go out there or not, remember to have fun this Halloween.

  • P.S. If you enjoyed this post, you can also download your free 10 little style tips and the 2 authentic conversation starters here for free.

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