AKA “grounding sequence”

Quick Definition: A power routine (or a sequence of routines) to convey one’s core personality with DHVs, vulnerabilities, and an interesting and engaging story line.

Full Definition:

Grounding is a concept taken from MM. It is a quick way of conveying one’s identity to others through a well constructed routine.

Specific grounding routines are different depending on the person. The commonalities that grounding shares are:

1. A short, memorable brand for what you routinely do: “Rockstar, Entrepreneur, Magician, Speaker, Writer, Hacker”

2. How you got from being a normal kid to your dream role

3. What you are doing now in relation to show you are/identity

4. Your future plans for continuing this journey

5. Telling all this with genuine passion, intrigue and enthusiasm.


My identity and lifestyle is such that if I throw a strong grounding routine sequence at my target, I will have a girlfriend.

Related Terms: Inner game, Identity, Congruence, DHV, Attraction

Source: Mystery

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