Grand Narrative

Quick Definition: The overarching story arch of a person’s life or a routine stack

Full Definition:

Like a comedian or a musician, a pickup artist too is a performer. And as with all performers, having a grand narrative is important for a pickup artist’s success.

A grand narrative is somewhat like your bigger picture. It is your overarching story that defines your character as a pickup artist. For example, throughout all his endeavors with Aerosmith and American Idol, Steven Tyler has a very strong grand narrative of the bohemian, bad-boy, classic rocker with a smooth tongue. He fits into different settings and types of performance, but his grand narrative remains the same. Or take for example the actor Russell Brand. Weather it be in his movies, his stand-up comedy routines or T.V appearances, he retains the grand narrative of an eccentric British rocker with a proclivity for witty phrases and sex addiction.

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As a pickup artist it doesn’t matter what your character and grand narrative is, it’s just important that you have one. You could be an aerospace engineer or you could be a musician. What matters is that you own your identity and make sure your routine stacks and behaviors are all cohesive with this grand narrative.

Having a strong grand narrative is important because this is your core as a pickup artist. The day to day situations that you find yourself while playing the game may differ greatly, but by keeping your grand narrative in mind, you can form a strong and consistent flavor to your game. For example, if your grand narrative is that of a bad-boy rock star that has no qualms about going in direct and chatting up a gorgeous woman, it wouldn’t fit in with your grand narrative to start using subtle opinion openers. Nor would it do to use routines like Cs vs. Us.

Usage: Having a grand narrative let him choose his lines and routines carefully.

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