• Grace

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A way of moving through the world that exhibits great elegance, beauty, and smoothness.

    Full Definition:

    Grace is described by Zan as the ease and smoothness a man has as he walks through the world. It is oftentimes used to describe a dancer or women in general, who are soft and gentle. Artists argue that a man can age and walk gracefully through life as well. Perhaps the definition of grace is best embodied in the actress Audrey Hepburn, whose timeless style engrossed many over the years even long after her death.

    Example of Zan’s Grace in this Men’s Magazine Interview:

    Tony Robbins referring to “Grace” at the end of his interview for his NBC “breakthrough” series:


    Learn to move through the world with grace and stature, young one.

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