Originating from the gothic rock scene in the 1980’s, the Goth dress style has spread worldwide to encompass a large subculture of gothic fashion today. The hardcore male Goth style probably will only be attractive to the hardcore Goth girl. However, light goth/pop rockers have gained mainstream popularity recently as seen in bands like My Chemical Romance and Tokyo Hotel. For style simplicity, we will refer to this archetype as “light/pop goth” rockers.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Heavy makeup, dark eyeliner, dark clothes, gothic styles, long and dark hair, scary expressions.
Common Clothing Items: Chains & Necklaces, Heavy Makeup, Piercings, Armbands, Anything Black
Favorite Brands Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, CyberPunk
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Rebelliousness, Unpredictableness, Danger, Mystery, Eliteness, Confidence, Non-Conformity
What Women Think:
  • He’s got a style that stands out!
  • I wonder if he’s bad in bed too
  • I hope he can turn he into a vampire
  • That guy knows how to apply makeup better than me!
  • I love hot Emo guys
Natural Habitat The Scream Awards. Goth Guilds / Clubs.

Famous Examples

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson
Gerald Way
Gerald Way (My Chemical Romance)


The Goth Rockstar is an attractive stereotype because it breaks all the rules and defies conventions. It is rebelliousness taken to the extreme.

The Goth look consists of an all-black outfit, contrasted with heavy makeup and silver chains. The Gothic avatar also usually includes outrageous hairstyles and piercings, along with leather jackets and dark accessories. The look symbolizes chaos and individuality as opposed to stability and conformity.

The Goth avatar typically appeals to younger women, who are going through a rebellious phase themselves, or to women who see themselves as being weird or outside the mainstream. Dressing like a Goth can be an instant connection with other Goths, because they can relate to the feeling of being different and being part of the same subculture.

The Gothic avatar taken to the extreme only appeals to a narrow spectrum of girls, because it is so far outside the mainstream. However, incorporating elements of Goth fashion can make for an attractive avatar.

The popularity of the Twilight novels and other vampire themed books have associated the Gothic look with attractiveness in the minds of many girls. The Goth look is also popular in many rave and steampunk themed clubs, as can be seen in movies like the Matrix.

Overall, the Goth look is dark and rebellious, and stands out significantly from the crowd. If you are a part of the Goth subculture or are into Goth music, the Goth Rockstar is a natural look to sport. Otherwise, it’s probably safer to just incorporate a few elements of the style to appeal to Goth chicks. The best way to experiment with this style is to try one little item at a time instead of going all out. Remember that hardcore goth style is unattractive to most girls, while light goth stylistic items can be very intriguing for most girls.

Natural Counterparts

Goth Girl
Goth Chicks
Emo Girl
Emo Girls
Burlesque Dancer
Burlesque Dancers
Young Girl
Young Girls


Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson - One of the most well known Goth rockers

Birthday Massacre
Birthday Massacre - A synth-rock/goth band

Redemption Goth Rockers
Redemption - A Goth rock band

My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance - An Emo/Rock Band w/ Goth styling

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