• Good Guy Game (GGG)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A unique type of game developed by “good guys” that allows them to hook and attract women by sincerely exhibiting their genuinely good characteristics to women.

    Full Definition:

    In opposition to the commonly known “bad boy” traits, GGG focuses on genuineness, authenticity, and non-generic and genuine compliments. GGG exemplifies the guys who are generally “good boys” and still get the girls. Unlike the Hollywood versions of the “nice guy” who gets the girl in romanticized scripts, the good guy has an edge and roughness about him. He is the paladin that exemplifies good, but still exhibits strength, character, and is unafraid to get into a fight when necessary.

    In a world full of bad guys or sketchy characters, the good guy stands out with his unique values. Similarly, in a club full of meat-market, aggressive guys, the good guy gentleman will become unique in his approach. The community has criticized “GGG” as only working for tall, good looking guys. Despite this, its concept still applies for guys with more direct and genuine game.


    I wonder if GGG only works for really good looking guys.

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    Source: Chris from Keys to the VIP

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