Golden Touch

Quick Definition: The feeling of unstoppable momentum while sarging.

Full Definition:

If you’ve ever been out sarging and felt yourself building up seemingly unstoppable momentum and feeling completely in the zone, you’ve experienced the pickup world’s equivalent of the “golden touch.” When you experience this state you will feel like you’re emanating a powerful seducer’s aura and like it would be impossible for you to make a wrong move. Sets will seem to open almost automatically and you’ll feel like every routine you use goes down a hundred times better than it normally would.

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Usually this state of having the golden touch occurs when you have a couple of really good sets early on during your sarge. This results in a humongous boost of confidence which will then spill over to your next few sets, creating something of an avalanche effect. Also sometimes referred to as “God Mode”, the best way for you to emulate this state is to make sure that your first few sets go really well. To do this, it’s important that you build social momentum with the easiest sets that you can find the moment you step into a venue. There’s no rule saying that you have to open the hardest sets out there to become a great PUA. By approaching an easy set you give yourself the opportunity to create social momentum and create a positive vibe that will last you through the night. The more experienced you are, the easier you will find it to get into this zone.

It’s important to remember though that like all good things, the golden touch doesn’t last forever. You might have it one night but your next night could be downright terrible. You might even unexpectedly have a bad set and lose it in the same night. Realizing the impermanence of the golden touch is crucial to enjoying long term success.

Usage: Every woman he gamed seemed to find him attractive. It was like he had the golden touch.

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