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  • “Glasses On or Off?” Opener

    By on February 26, 2010

    Approach Girls – Glasses off (take glasses off)26 – Glasses on (put glasses on)26 – What do you guys think looks better?

    *HBs – (Responses: On!/Off!/What?/Laughing)

    26 – Glasses off (take off glasses)

    26 – Glasses on (put on glasses)

    (I did the sequence any where from 2 to 4 times)

    HB1 – I like them on!

    HB2 – I like them off! (If HBs disagree then they usually started laughing…I guess they think it’s funny that they have different opinions).

    26 – My friends tell me I look like Clark Kent when I have the glasses on!

    HBs – (Responses: Yeah you do! / No)

    26 – Why do you like it when my glasses are on/off?

    HB1 – (When likes glasses on) I think it makes you look sexy/it makes you look clever.

    HB2 – (When likes glasses off) I think you look better with them off, but I like them on too!

    Credit: 26

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