Girlfriend Material

Quick Definition: Genuine qualities beyond physical looks that qualifies someone as a potential romantic candidate for the artist. Someone you can genuinely fall in love with.

Next Level: Wife Material: Genuine qualities of a woman that would make her a good wife.

Full Definition:Our considerations for short term sex partners and long term life partners differ greatly. For men (and, in many studies, women as well), physical looks are important for short term attraction. When one starts meeting girls who have “girlfriend” characteristics, he begins to consider the possibility of a relationship.


While most bachelors avoid these types of girls in favor of party girls and nightlife princesses, there are certain types of girlfriend material gals who can capture our attention. Girlfriend / Wife material characteristics include and are not limited to:

  1. Feminine when she needs to be, but smart and tough enough to handle difficult situations
  2. Understanding of other people
  3. A nice person in general, and aside from her sex appeal treats others fairly and doesn’t abuse her power
  4. Is independent and doesn’t depend on a man or others to run her life
  5. Lets a man be a man and lead, even though she may step up whenever she wants
  6. A good cook, stays fit, has hobbies other than her man and sex
  7. Loyalty, Trusting, Ability to open up and connect at the core level
  8. Strength in other characteristics deemed important by her partner
  9. Good in bed but not stereotypical, has her own quirks and understands yours
  10. Shares your dreams about life and the direction it is taking
  11. Supports you in your endeavors, even if she may not fully understand it at a logical level

Example of the character Sloan from Entourage:

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Camilla is what I consider girlfriend material.

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