Girl of My Choice

Quick Definition: Your ideal type of girl.

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The great thing about becoming a pickup artist is that you will meet all types of girls. Blonde, brunette, tall, short, curvy, athletic, mean, shy, adventurous, boring, you’ll meet them all. And unlike other men, you will have the freedom of choice to be with all types of women and figure out what your preferences are.  You will be like the rich kid in the candy store who can try out all kinds of candy while the other kids stare at your from outside the window.

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But before setting out on the journey of becoming a pickup artist, it is important that you write down a list of goals of what you want from the game as a whole, and decide on what type of women you want in your life. This is important because you will only ever get what you set out to get.

And remember, it doesn’t really matter what your goals from pickup are and what types of girls you’re after. There’s no one to judge you for your desires. Like a wise man once said, don’t wish for world peace if you really want a Ferrari. What’s important is that you have definite goals for what you want from the game and a definite idea of what type of girls you want to meet.

You might decide that you want more sexual abundance in your life and that you want to experience the love life of a rock star. In this case, you will most likely decide that you want to meet girls who are adventurous, spontaneous and outgoing. Or you might just want to find the type of girl who you can settle down with and marry.  What’s important is that you have a clear picture of what type of girls you want in your life, because they are the ones that you’ll end up attracting into it.

Usage: She’s a tall, athletic brunette. She’s the girl of my choice.

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