Girl Game

Quick Definition: The skills and tactics of normal single women increasing their chances of success to meet a guy (or guys) that fit their desired levels of requirement for a relationship or sex.

Full Definition:

Hitch isn’t just for guys these days. Dating has extended to fulfill the needs of many single women as well. An increasing number of women are seeking out advice from PUAs in gaming guys or attracting the guys that they want.

Many single women after a certain age find the mating pool diminished and their chances a lot slimmer. Others are naturally beautiful, but have yet to find their sense of style and uniqueness, and need a guiding hand. In many aspects of game, the theories of attraction apply to women as well.

Oversimplication of game in the mainstream media has us thinking that men only value women for their looks. This may be true for many men, but, for the men of quality, the reverse is true. A man of quality has many options to sleep with women of beauty. What he lacks is a woman with depth and intelligence. For this reason, a depth in character and skills in seduction can aid high value women to find high value men, and help lower quality women increase their social status through style development, and engaging and selecting men more effectively.

Marissa Miller didn’t get on the world’s sexiest women list on her looks alone. Her passion for sports and intelligence add to her depth and personality:

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