Girl Crush

Quick Definition: The “innocent” attraction girls have for one another. Similar to “bromance” for guys.

Full Definition:

Girls can hate each other, or “like” one another. Different girls operate differently when it comes to other women. Generally speaking, “girl crush” refers to an admiration of another girl in your social circle. It doesn’t have to be sexual, although it can be. A girl who has a “girl crush” for another girl generally finds her attractive, and admires her for something, usually a combination of her looks and overall persona.

Girl Crush is one of those gender specific terms so if you use it, you may seem gay. Or, it is a great way to do “girl talk” and get “in” on the group. A simple, “oh, I see you have a girl crush on Brittany” can easily pump BT and state and become chick crack conversation.

It is also a more innocent way to see if a girl is down for a threesome, she’s more likely to do it with someone she admires and feels comfortable with.

Girl crushes can turn into longer term friends, or casual sex partners. Most of the time, they are just innocent feelings being thrown around by women to make things more emotional and fun for them. Use it to your advantage.


Ask her if she has a girl Crush on Ashley first before suggesting a threesome.

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