Girl Coding

Quick Definition: Subtle, non-verbal cues that girls use to communicate with each other in set.

Full Definition:

Girl coding usually happens when one girl likes the PUA but wants to ping her friend to see what she thinks. It can also happen if one friend is unsure of the new stranger and is looking for her friend’s response. If one of them likes the PUA and the other one is neutral, they will stay. However, if one has a negative reaction, there is a chance that the set will leave.

The girl who is looking for the girl code signal is usually always the chick following the mother hen, or AFOG. For example, if an HB is approached, and she is somewhat intrigued by the PUA but not 100% sure, she will look to the alpha female and see her reaction.

Beyond just communicating approval or disapproval, coding can have different meanings, depending on the situation. Some typical examples include:

“I think he’s cute!”

“This guy is creepy!”

“Do you know him?”

“Can you leave us alone?”

“We should go.”

Learning to read these nonverbal cues can be difficult, but is a skill that can be learned. In general, it is best to assume a positive intention and turn even bad reactions around by maintaining a strong frame.

Some PUAs advocate calling out or commenting whenever girls code each other, almost as if they had spoken out loud, which some PUAs believe demonstrates social awareness. Style’s popular Best Friends Test routine involves interpreting girl code in a way designed to generate attraction.


The HBs started girl coding each other almost as soon as we approached them.

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