“Getting The Phone Number” Examples

The conversation with the girl is going well, but eventually it has to end. Either she has to go or you have to go or you just feel you can’t keep it up at the same heights anymore and need to stop before you stall. So what are the best ways closing? (A close by the way is not a Bye, it was nice meeting you, you’ll have to extract something out of your interaction with the girl, either her phone-number, a promise for a new meeting, a kiss, better yet – all of those things. Here are a few examples.

Example 1

You: Why don’t we continue this somewhere else and see how much we can enjoy each other’s company?

In response she might offer a change of venue (if she mumbles your place or mine?, then boy! either she’s real easy or you’re real good, but more probably she’s gonna offer a phone number so the two of you can set up a meeting later over the phone. Notice, that you didn’t ASK for her phone number, it was her idea to give it to you, thus framing you in her mind very differently from when you would have asked for the number. The first instance creates in her mind a picture of I gave him my number. which must mean I like him while the second creates an opposite picture of He asked for my number. which must mean he likes me. yawn, yeah he’s nice, next!

Example 2

You: So.what steps would we have to take in order to make sure we can talk again? If a change of venue is highly unlikely, this one is a more direct wake-up call for her to usher you her number.

Example 3

You: I have an intuition. and I don’t know if you can imagine this as I describe it. that when we get a chance to talk without time pressures or interruptions. we’ll really enjoy each other’s company. and I’m wondering if there’s a number where you feel comfortable having me call you?

Example 4

Let’s do x together. I’ll call you

But you don’t have my number!

Oh that’s right! (pull out a pen)

Example 5

An example of Mystery’s  number close (the girl is already quite eager though and the  number close is a formality, but beautifully handled nevertheless: Well, when we go blading you have to wear your gear cause I love the hills. She nods so I add, for this to happen you have to ask me a question. She blurts out, can I have your  number ? I say, wow you come on strong! Are you always this bold? She says, yes I act impressed and say, how bout we trade  number s  fair?.

A variation of the above. Mystery, Clifford’s Seduction Newsletter:

You: Well now that we’ve set up a meeting, there’s a question you need to ask me.

Girl: What?

You: Oh come on!

Girl: What’s your phone number?

Example 6

(Taken from Sweep women off their feet Just abruptly look at your watch if you’re wearing one, or if you don’t have one ask for the time right in the middle of your conversation. Once you get the time make up an excuse that you have to go right away. Be polite and tell her how much you enjoyed this conversation and that it was your pleasure to meet someone like her and walk away.

Just as she will be all confused about what is going on, wondering if she said something to offend you or if perhaps you don’t like her because you didn’t ask her out or you didn’t even ask for her phone number, come back as though you forgot something and say:

You know what? If we ever wanted to do this again, and laugh and have a good time together we don’t even know how to get a hold of each other. And that would be such a tragedy. It would be a definite loss for me, but perhaps if you think about it and realize how much you enjoy having intriguing conversations, laughing and having a good time, you will know that it would be a loss for you too. So, what do you figure we should do about it?

The answer is obvious. But if she doesn’t offer you her phone number right now while you still maintain this sense of urgency as you have to leave, ask her for it directly.

Example 7

If however you don’t have the time  or  can’t come up with anything to construct a situation for her to offer you her number, or you have offered all sorts of opportunities (So what should we do in order for us to be able to continue this discussion some other time? Um I dunno?) but she just doesn’t take the hint – ask for her number directly.

•   I don’t mean to be direct, but can I have your phone number.

•   You can’t leaveYou haven’t given me your phone number yet!

•   Give me your number, then hand a pen and a notebook (that simple?.

Example 8

Johnny Shack: You should say I think you’re a great girl and I think we would get along really well. Now if I didn’t come and talk with you, which may seem a bit cocky, we would never get to know each other, so the best thing for me to do was to come and ask you out. You can’t knock that now can you?

Wait for her reply which will almost definitely be in agreeance with you and then say: How about not organising anything now, but give me your phone number and it will give you some time to think about it and me some time to plan something for us.

Now don’t stand around waiting for her to give you some long winded answer as to why or why not she will do this. You need to keep your presentation going by assuming she will give her number to you. You must ask for her number then and there as though you expect to get it from her. Even if you don’t have a pen and paper ask for her number and then remember it. Ask her if it is in the phone-book in case you forget it and then ask what it would be under.

You have already explained why she should give her number to you and also given her the option in her mind that even if you ring she can still say no to you. Now that you have done this you need to focus on the phone number and it will take her mind away from a yes or no answer in regards to a date. Actually, whether she realises it or not, she really has just said to you she will go out with you. She may not even realise this at the moment as you have given her the option that even when you ring she can say no, but when it comes to that, she is more or less guaranteed not to decline.


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