• Getting the Party Started

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The act of getting a party’s energy going, incrementally increasing to a high point or climax where everybody is feeling the fun and social vibe.

    Full Definition:

    At any given party, there are high points and low points. In the beginning as people are coming in, the party is at a low, just building up momentum. In a club, there are certain times where the club is “popping,” and this usually happens around 11:30pm to 1:00am, depending on the type of club and the crowd. The combined energy hits a tipping point where the vibe and energy takes over the whole atmosphere. This is where the girls are most vulnerable to buying temperature game.

    At house parties, be aware of social gauge points. If your party is lacking some of these things, you need to find different ways to get the party started. The following are the methods we used for a successful house party:

    • Preparation: probably the most important thing. Preparing the location, the theme, and the invite list of the people you want to bring together for a great event.
    • Girls: beautiful women are the social currency in a club or house party. You need to have a minimum of a 1:1 ratio for a party to be a great success.
    • Social relaxers: alcohol, a bite to eat, place to sit, games, anything that breaks the ice between strangers and gets them in a social mood.
    • Host and directions: the ability to greet the guests, introduce them, guide them along the different venues of the house and then giving them the freedom to roam. Basically, making you guests feel as comfortable and showing great hospitality as a host. Immense social proof here if done right.
    • Logistics: driving home, staying over, girls and guys hooking up, condoms, being prepared for the after-party events that inevitably will happen.

    Here is an example of song that gets the party started: preparation, momentum, and all things coming together:

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