• Geographical Gaming

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The differences in pickup tactics that arise from visiting different countries or different geographical regions. Also, the practice of traveling to different countries for practicing pickup.

    Full Definition:

    Part of the path of becoming an mPUA involves pickup up at multiple locations. This allows the artist to test his skills with different local languages and micro-cultures, as well as learn about new areas of development.

    It also allows the pickup artist to realize what is constantly the same (his mind), while acknowledging the differences in geography. Most pick up artists will say, at their core, all women are the same. And there is some truth to this. One major complaint of international PUAs is that the American pickup scene only focuses on picking up American girls and will not work elsewhere. This has been proven to be false many times over by US and European based PUAs, who have traveled the world and tested their techniques on women of different cultures.

    As part of the PUA pilgrimage to become a master pickup artist, geographical and international gaming is a must.


    You need to do some geographical gaming in Europe this summer to get out of your head

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    Source: LatinStylez

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