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  • Geek Chic Glasses

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Dark Rimmed Geek Chic Glasses

    Geek chic glasses are the stereotypical geek glasses of yesteryear, but with better craftsmanship and style. Geek chic glasses have wide and bold rims, that draw attention to the glasses, and are slightly boxy in appearance. They also tend to have lighter shades than most other sunglasses. Think of the glasses worn by Clark Kent in Superman.

    It used to be that being a geek was a stigma, but these days computers are ubiquitous, video games are massively popular, and people spend more time on Facebook than watching TV. Everybody has at least something that’s a little geeky about them, which makes geeky glasses the perfect choice if you’re going for the geek chic look.

    Johnny Depp Geek Chic

    Johnny Depp rocking the geek chic look

    Geek chic glasses show that you’re confident, that you’re not worried about what other people think about you, and that you’re not afraid to show off your geeky side. They can also be worn ironically, and can be good for the hipster look as well.

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