Gay Test

Quick Definition: A test used by less experienced PUAs to calibrate their kino.

Full Definition: The gay test is the name for a simple mental exercise developed by Gambler of PUA Training, used by pick up artists to gauge the level of their kino. The idea behind the gay test is that, when a PUA is kinoing a girl, he asks himself, “would I feel gay if I was doing this to a man?” If the answer is yes, then their kino is bordering on the sexual, whereas, if the answer is no, then their touch is probably fairly casual.

When kino escalating, it is usually best to start with lower levels of kino (unless the girl is clearly attracted and throwing strong IOIs) and gradually amp up the sexual tension. They gay test is a good way for newer PUAs, who might not have a lot of experience touching women, to gauge how heavily they are kinoing their target.

The gay test can also be a way to determine the attraction level of a woman. For example, if a pick up artist is kinoing a target at a level that would be considered “gay” if done to another man, and the woman responds positively and does not flinch away, it should be considered a strong IOI, and the PUA should escalate towards a close.


Usage: Use the gay test to gauge her attraction level.

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