Gay PUA / PU Gay

Quick Definition: A homosexual PUA using pickup skills to attract men.

Full Definition:

On the gay PUA:

Gay men have good game. One theory from David Buss illustrates that gay men care more about looks in other men than lesbians do in women. This proves that the male brain is wired to assess physical indicators of superior genetics through natural selection. This being the case, gay guys usually pay great attention to looks and appearances. Because they can’t always hit on a guy right away (except in gay bars or gay-friendly venues) they must develop subtleties to their game.

Therefore, some gay guys (a large majority) have some great “game.”

PU Gay is another way to make fun of a PUA for being overly feminine or flashy.

Gay guy game in Sex and the City:


PUA? More like PU-Gay!

Additional Reading:

A thread on the theory of gay-relationships in Season 2 of The Pickup Artist between Matt and Simeon –

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